Pro Tip: Extend the Life of Your Wardrobe with The Laundress

Ohh Laundry Day…

The Laundress is my go-to detergent because it smells amazing, makes my clothes look and feel great, and treats almost all items that say “dry clean only.” I love when I’m able to wash my clothes instead of dry cleaning. I don’t have to risk my items being lost or damaged at the cleaners, and anytime I can avoid using harsh chemicals, I just feel that much better about eating sugar because it’s all about balance, right? MY favorite products are highlighted in this video, but here is a little bit more info about The Laundress products that we carry:

First, my absolute holy grail wash is the Whites Detergent! I use this on everything from towels to sheets. My whites are always white, and this detergent will fight any stain or mark on your fabrics. It also brightens colors! A total must have!! When not using Whites Detergent, a great alternative is the Signature Detergent. It’s fragrance-free and is never second-guessed in my mind because it is allergen-free, nontoxic, and free of animal by-products and all artificial coloring. That’s a WIN for me every time!

High praise for Sport Detergent. I use this on everything that goes to the gym, including swimwear!! This detergent can be used on all performance fabrics, including nylon, spandex, cotton, and synthetics. Never be nervous about working hard when you have this detergent to come home to! There is also a sports spray that is great for an on-the-go freshen up. We all have those days where we are running to the gym in between errands, so snag this and be nice to all of those friends or co-workers you’re running into after that hard workout.

Must have – All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Perfect for brightening and whitening your whites, it’s also safe to use on colors. This can also be used to clean your floors, tiles, sinks and surfaces in a safe nontoxic way.

For the babies in your life, Baby Detergent is allergen-free and will always be gentle on your little one. This detergent naturally removes odors and stains while also preserving colors. Moms and dads, we know how often the baby’s clothes get washed, so keep them looking fresh and new with this detergent. I STILL use this detergent every now and then with my eight and five-year-old because my husband and I just can’t get enough of that fresh baby smell.

My CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT product is the Fabric Fresh spray! One stays in my bathroom, and one comes with me on vacation. It is the most amazing anti-bacterial spray that keeps everything smelling and looking fresh ALWAYS. This baby can make anything smell good! Freshen up your sheets, car, sneakers, closet, anything!!

Another wash that will always be in my laundry cabinet is the Denim Wash. We all know denim can be an investment, which is why I do my best to protect it! This wash preserves the color of my denim with every wash. Another tip to keep your denim always looking new is to button your buttons, zip your zippers, and turn your denim inside out so that your denim and nothing else in the machine gets snagged.

Laundry Day is always a big day for me, and when I have multiple loads to wash, the Fabric Conditioner is a great wash because it not only fluffs and softens my shirts and sheets, but it also decreases drying time, reduces wrinkles, and makes ironing your fabrics easier!!

We have all of these products in-store and online, and I highly recommend them to make your laundry day a little easier!!

XO, The Blond Genius


All these products work great on items such as this Mackage Coat