A Look Inside NYC Market

And We’re Back!! This time in NYC!

It’s that time of year again! After the city is left in a fashion hangover from New York Fashion Week, it’s time for everyone in our industry to rally for market week, and we are here to give you the inside scoop on what goes down at market!

New York has two major market weeks for women’s wear (Spring|Summer and Fall|Winter) and they always follow the week after NYFW. We are here in New York this week to buy for Spring|Summer 2020, which will deliver in-store during the months of January-May. At any given time, we are usually buying 4-8 months lead-time. We often get asked if this is difficult, to buy so far in advance, but we actually prefer placing orders this early. A few reasons we like to do this is because when we are just coming off of the summer season, we pack away any summer inventory that we didn’t sell and that will be carried over into next year (sigh). In doing this, we are well aware of what types of things we should NOT buy for the next year. For example, the shorts we still have left…ahem…Bermudas, what colors you all did not respond well to…ahem…peach, and so on. We also love buying this far in advance because all of our client’s trend requests from summer are fresh in our minds! With that being said, if there are any special requests for anything Spring|Summer fashion- whether its brand, trend, color, anything- now is the time to let us know!!

We hope you follow along this week as we do our best to fill your fashion-loving hearts with as much of this experience as possible.


Yours in Fashion + Friendship

XO, the blond genius