Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lies Spring 2017 – Market Recap

Just as we officially hit the first day of Fall and start to plan our outfits around cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, our Spring buying trip comes to an end! We loved the energy this trip gave us and made us fall in love with Spring all over again. (although, no season will ever top our love for fall fashion!) With the fast-paced, ever-changing fashion industry, one constant remains: trends always cycle back around. Which leads me to my Mom’s favorite quote – “this too shall pass.”

fullsizerenderFun Finds – Fellow Blond Genius, NY Housewife, Kristin, at market. And the AIRBRUSH app. With a “little” help from Airbrush, we were able to make our pic public. Noted: The Housewife didn’t require any airbrushing – oooooof course!

Market Recap!

Love them or hate them, here are a few of the trends we saw all over our version of Fashion Week in New York:

  • RAINBOWS were everywhere – from rainbow striped sleeves on cashmere to leather rainbow accessories, rainbow patches on sweatshirts and denim jackets to rainbow ruffled dresses. The patches we can embrace and think are super fun, everything else falls into the – “this too shall pass” category!
  • {Erin} BERMUDA SHORTS – praise GOD! Finally longer shorts are trending and in a “laid-back weekend at the lake” take on the trend. You just might find me in the first pair of shorts I will ever wear in public! Daisy Duke lovers need not fret – you’ll still have mega options in shorty shorts from high-waisted to released hems to side slits.
  • EMBROIDERY – was also everywhere! From embroidered denim to sweatshirts with embroidery, to chambray shirts with embroidered scenes to Aztec embroidery to the new embroidered “letterman’s jacket”. We’re suckers for some stitching as long as it doesn’t end up on the back of our jeans if you know what we mean!
  • TRACK SUITS are back and we couldn’t be happier! These will fall into the “weekend at the lake”or “comfy travel must-have” category as well and they are updated with a fresh take on the classic Juicy Jumpsuit. Heading into our 12th holiday season, we’ve been there done that with the Juicy trend and our local Goodwill scored big time when that trend ended for me as I was guilty of owning every style in every color along with handfuls of you all reading this! I just can’t bring myself to go back to Juicy (right now, never say never) but I am loving the new take on the trend. Sweatshirts and sweatpants/shorts with fresh screen printing and cool drawstrings caught my eye.
  • {Katie} ALMOST FRENCH – Being from Paris (not quite France), you can imagine my excitement when seeing the Parisian themes for Spring. From embroidered sweatshirts to graphic tees and tanks, spring tops will take on Parisian vibes with graphics and French expressions. Start brushing up on your French so you can decide which phrase is needed in your wardrobe! Au revoir!img_0067
  • ROSÉ AND SAND – it sounds like the perfect vacation! Whatever you want to call it, these soft colors are stronger than ever showing up in everything from a variety of tops to denim and leather jackets. So whatever your perfect vacation, start channeling these gorgeous soft tones as they’ll add dimension to your current staples and easily mix and match!
  • HEMS – last, but certainly NOT LEAST – we’re in LOVE with how this incredible industry can keep the most basic, lasting trend: DENIM, looking fresh season after season. Spring 2017 has our heart beating hard for the blues. Noteworthy – tied hems, knock-out hems, released hems, rolled hems, roughed-up hems, embroidered hems, bleached hems, tulip hems. Finding you the perfect fit that works for your body and lifestyle remains our commitment. If you would like a way to update the denim you already own, we are offering complimentary denim makeovers by appointment! Call either our WDM Store 515.223.9907 or Bloomington Store 812.955.0713  and we’ll get you all the details! img_0083
  • BE TRUE TO YOU—trends come and go and the key is finding how to tailor it to your style. That’s why we’re here! Stop in and we will be sure to help you integrate your favorite Spring trends into your wardrobe without sacrificing your personal edge 😉


For a full market recap, stop by and see us soon! Cheers!