Spring 2016 Buying


After taking a back seat in the buying process since my son was born, it was great to be 175152_4722532743306_464004656_oback at market. My personal favorite FALL  immediate item we picked up at market was Eugenia Kim – an amazing hat line carried in Barney’s and Bergdorfs. I’ve personally been on the hunt for THE BEST hat for some time now and cannot wait for these to arrive! The colors and details are PERFECTION!

Most of our time at market was spent buying for the Spring season. So crazy to think about Spring when we just came off the Summer season! We’re excited about the “new” trends for Spring, some are crazy and out of our comfort zone but we always buy plenty in the “safe zone” as well.
Spring 2016 Trends in Denim:
– GAUCHOS (I can feel you cringing just reading this)
– Flare Jeans
– Cropped Bootcut
– Released Hemlines (AGAIN!)
– Square Pockets (back & front)
– High Waist (whoop!)
– Denim Skirts
Spring 2016 Trends:
– Fringe is still HUGE!
– Leather Jackets                                  – Chambray Shirts & Dresses (YAY!! personal favorite!)
– Pumps are BACK!
– Wedges – THANK GOD!
– Lace up shoes
– Embroidery
– Sneakers
– Plaid – still going strong
– Stripes – never get old
– Zippers on tops
– Ear climber earrings

PEACH of my trip – catching up with old friends and working on some super exciting expansions for our business! The cherry on the top of my trip to NYC was staying with one of my very best friends and her husband and sweet baby boy in their beautiful new penthouse apartment overlooking the Statue of Liberty! What an amazing sight!